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Iceland is the ideal place for your data

Business Environment

Iceland sponsors a favorable business environment, with low corporate tax rates, abundant land for development, and 100% green energy at competitive prices within the tightly regulated European legislative framework. 

Iceland adheres to EU regulations, and it is fully compliant with GDPR. New direct investment projects in Iceland are eligible for an investment agreement with regional incentives. EU regulations allow general incentives for SMEs, R&D, and environmental protection. Additionally, foreign experts hired to work in Iceland are eligible for personal tax incentives where only 75% of the income is taxable for the first three years under certain conditions.  


Iceland is perhaps the optimum place for essential data. As more and more of our business and personal lives depend on critical data that requires access anytime from anywhere, it is best to keep it somewhere you can count on. Iceland possesses the world's oldest parliamentary government (since 930) and is a politically stable country that adheres to the EU legal framework and has NATO membership — despite having no standing army. The country has one of the lowest crime rates globally and no terrorism.

Iceland has ranked #1 in the Global Peace Index for 13 years!

These low-security risks are likely to minimize the costs of physical personnel and security measures at facilities and lower the chances of disruption due to any malicious act. For over a decade, the World Economic Forum has consistently rated Iceland among the ten countries with the lowest cost to business resulting from organized crime.  

Due to Iceland's large size and small population, it is easy to find data center locations far from threats such as flight paths, transportation routes of hazardous goods, hazardous facilities, or other elements that may be a locational risk. There are no nuclear power plants in Iceland, and there are no nuclear weapons inside the country. In cooperation with local authorities, site planners can locate suitable sites based on logistical preferences.

Customer journey 

There are many ways to bring your equipment to Iceland and install it. It is also possible to lease equipment through local partners. The Association of Icelandic Data Centers (DCI) is ready to guide you through the coordination, logistics, and legal steps to get you running as soon as possible. 

Shipping to Iceland

Data Centers by Iceland can help make the connections and arrangements to ship your equipment to Iceland.


Ship and deliver your networking equipment, computers, etc., to one of Iceland's data centers via the carrier of your choice, i.e., UPS, DHL, etc.  


Icelandic customs will determine your equipment's value-added tax (VAT), and you will pay that amount. Don't worry - the VAT can be reclaimed! 


You or your contracted provider will have your space and power hook-up ready and waiting. You decide on the installation process, either with your team or through local contractors.